The importance of SEO for your website

The importance of SEO for your website

The importance of SEO for your websiteSEO_Management

Every company now has a website.
The findability of the website leaves something to be desired.

In 2015, a hotel owner asked what I thought of his website.
I had not yet seen the website because the room was arranged through
Later that day I took the time to view his website.

It already started well because my browser immediately reported that the website was infected with malware.
Something that the owner was not aware of. Search engines like Google and Bing had already established that with the result that his website never appeared in the search results. Via site: domain name it appeared that the website was not indexed at all.

As a result, the owner asked me if I could help him to solve this.

Because the “old” website was infected with malware in many places, I proposed to set up a completely new website, but this time in WordPress.
The existing website was based on static HTML code and simple setup.

After downloading all the files from the old website, I started to build the new website.
Fortunately, the hosting provider supported the installation of wordpress.

Within a few days I had the new website live and could show it to the hotel owner.
After a review and some adjustments, such as newer photos of the rooms, the website went live.

For me the next challenge came, how does the website score in the search engines? Especially given the infection with malware in the old website.
The first step was seeing that Google and Bing were re-entering the website in indexing. That went fairly quickly after a new registration of the url with both search engines.
After the website was indexed by the search engines it was time for optimization.

In a conversation with the hotel owner, he said that his guests came mostly from Spain, England, the Netherlands, France and Germany. Important information for the optimization of his website. With this information I have created extra pages especially for these countries.

The result was that his website was on Google’s page 1 in a few weeks. The analytics showed that there were no visitors through Bing.

Now in 2019, his website for the languages ​​listed is still on page 1 in Google with the result that the number of bookings has increased by 35%.
Also because visitors can now also book a room directly on the website.

In short, a successful SEO project.


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