The Bitugene Project

The Bitugene Project is a blockchain driven application designed with flexibility, scalability and functionality in mind. Bitugene serves to create a platform where crude oil and other petroleum products can be traded securely. It gives potential customers and merchants the means to diversify and, the room for all and sundry to checkmate arbitrary prices.

In order to hasten the overall development of the petroleum blockchain for the Bitugene Project, the Ethereum network will be used for the crowdsale. More information are available at our FAQ page – HERE

A good idea that covers a big market capitalization and in my opinion has a great chance of becoming very successful.
Why not give it a go and sign up quickly for the airdrop of TBP (The Bitugene Project) Coins.

Total Coin Supply: 10,000,000 TBP

If TBP follows the same course as BTC (Bitcoin) then you could be looking at a great new business opportunity with a nice addition to your bank account.


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