Entrepreneurial Mindset

Being an entrepreneur requires a different mindset.

You can´t sit around and wait for your boss to hand out tasks. I mean you are now the boss.

An entrepreneur is a person who has a pro-active approach on life. What does that mean for me?

A pro-active approach means you don´t wait for things to happen, you make things happen. Starting an online business is easy nowadays. Opening a webshop is a matter of a few clicks.

But what problem are you going to solve and for whom? How do you find a product or service to sell. A product or service that is in high demand. That´s where you need to be pro-active, investigative, ask questions, listen to people and discover what problems they have and are willing to pay a price to have their problem solved.

Now, it´s not easy to change your habits but it must be on top of your list if you want to become a successful online business owner.

I´ve had mentors most of my life. Some mentors were bad but most of them had experience in personal development.

Currently I´m diving into the Law of Attraction, under the guidance of Bob Proctor.

One of the skills I´m currently working on is setting and achieving goals.

I´ve set a goal for myself to 10x my income. Sounds like a Big and Audacious Goal. To be honest, the goal scares me and at this moment I have no clue how to make that happen. However I do trust the process and am looking forward to my new 7 figure income. 

On the Mindset page I will describe proven methods from my mentors that you can benefit from.

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