What is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is one of the most important parts of your online business. Ask an internet entrepreneur what he would like to take with him if he should start over again and most will mention the email addresses from their mailing list. This is exactly what an autoresponder is used for.

An autoresponder is software that can send automated emails to email addresses stored in the autoresponder’s database. It is the ideal way for companies to stay in touch with their target audience.

How does an Autoresponder work?

The main task of an autoresponder is to collect email addresses and record them in a database.
You can do this in different ways:

  • Have your visitors sign-up on your mailing list via your website
  • Collect registrations via Social Media
  • Send acquaintances an invitation to subscribe to your mailing list

The email addresses you have collected can be divided into different groups. For example, you can create

  • Groups with prospects
  • Groups with customers
  • Segmenting on products
  • Segmenting on Location
  • Segmenting on Age Groups
  • Segmenting on Gender

By creating a subdivision, you can send your emails to different groups. Think of special offers for customers and not for prospects etc.

Another useful function of an autoresponder is to automatically send a series of emails after a registration (opt-in). Make sure you follow the rules and send a confirmation email, also known as double opt-in

You can personalize the emails completely so that it looks like the mails are sent by you personally and also personalize it for the customer.

With this series you build a bond with the receiver and build up to the sales moment.

Best practice of Internet Marketeers that use an Autoresponder is giving 80% value and 20% promotion.

Autoresponder providers

There are many providers of autoresponder in the market. Some known autoreponders are:


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