Marketing is essential for every business, offline or online

Marketing, the art of getting attention to your product or services. Over the years a lot of new marketing channels became available to promote your business. And with the better informed customer it is becoming more difficult to get and hold their attention.

On this page we focus on tools and skills for your online businesses.

1. Landing Pages

Landing Pages

2. Autoresponders

An autoresponder is a program that automatically generates a set of responses to all messages sent to a particular email address. Or people that subscribe to your list on your website. An autoresponder saves you a lot of manual labour. 



3. CopyWriting

Copywriting is the sacred key to growing your business. That is if your product is great. 

Gary Halbert is probably one of the best copywriters that ever lived. I learned a lot over the last years from this master of copywriting.

Best practice to start learning CopyWriting is by building a swipe file. A collection of successfull ads, salespages and email campaigns. And hand copy successful sales letters, a lot of work but it helps you build your brain muscles.

To make it easy you can get your instant swipefile here

From there you can continue to grow your swipefile.

Another excellent place to learn more about copywriting is ClickBank University

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