11 Plus Business Lessons from my Dogs

11 Plus Business Lessons from my Dogs


Business Lessons from my Dogs is a easy to read book with valuable lessons learned from observing his dogs over a long period

Men´s Best Friend, our dogs can teach us a thing or two or eleven about life and business, making you a Better Person and Entrepreneur.

The author of “Business Lessons from my Dogs” observed his dogs over a period of more than 3 years. Looking at their behaviour and extracting lessons from their behaviour. Lessons that can be applied to your business and life.

Book is delivered in digital form and can be immediately downloaded after your purchase.

€ 9,9515% discount for the first 50 buyers using coupon code “DOGRESCUE

“I am absolutely delighted with your style (your English is excellent!!!) and with the content and the message of your book. Great work, Mr. Gerardo! And quite useful too!” Ulrike K. Moreno

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