How to get your website on page 1 in Google?

And why nobody cares that you´re on page 2 of Google!

So you got your website built for a buckload of money. And your webbuilder showed your website on the first page of google. Great job but what did you search for to find your website on the 1st page?

I just checked for my business in an incognito browser window, I don´t want my browser history to interfere with the results.

In Google I typed “bizniz startupkit” and guess what, I´m all over the place. I must have done a tremendous job! If that´s what you think, you´re dead wrong.


Why are you wrong, because your potential clients who don´t know you or your business yet, will never search on these terms. Like your business name or your name.

So, if your webbuilder showed your website is on page #1 you better ask him what search term he was using and if he used an incognito window.

You know I want people to find my business when they start searching for something like “how to get my website on page 1 in google”

Maybe you´re proud to find your website on page 2 or 3 in Google, yes you did a good job but nobody cares! 90% of Google searchers never get past the 1st page in Google. If they don´t find results they think will solve their problem, they change the search phrase and start all over again.

Yes, you can pay for Ads and appear on page #1, however you need a lot of money to get #1 page results. Depending on the search words PPC can go up pretty fast and steep. For a #1 position for the word “Mortgage” PPC is over $90

And for the word “Credit Card” PPC is close to $150

So is advertising an option to appear on page 1. Yes, absolutely but you need a big budget.

SEO is an excellent, and honestly the only, alternative to cut down on advertising costs. And SEO done the right way gets you on page #1 on Google and other search engines like Bing. And Bing is used by 30% of the internet users to search for answers.

Download the SEO Checklist (Sorry for Non Dutchies but this SEO Checklist is in Dutch)

Even if you´re not Dutch, just order yours anyway and use Google Translate (and maybe have a laugh with the translation)

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