Case Study on How to Increase Visitor Numbers

Case Study on How to Increase Visitor Numbers

Case Study on how to increase visitor numbers on your Website

The main reason why you have a website for your business is that you want people to find you.
Targeted visitors are the lifeblood for every enterprise. Getting the right visitor on your website means dinero´s in your pocket.

You probably invested a lot of time and money in your website and it should be your #1 sales person.

Is your website your best employee?

What do you do with a salesperson that doesn´t sell his targets? You fire them or train them.
What should you do with your website? Kill it or improve it!

So start thinking about your ideal client and the problems they wants solved.

Many websites I check, based on the url on a business card, contain mostly static information.
Not the best way to get a lot of visitors other than the people who already know you.

About You?

Is your website about you or do you address the pain of your ideal client?
I read a lot of ego related content on most websites. Resulting in me leaving a website because I´m not convinced they can help me. Sometimes I can´t even find what they are actually doing.

Yes, many times I come accross these websites.

About Them?

Writing about you and your services is very different from writing for your ideal client.
Think about what your ideal client is searching for and answer those questions.
Show them how their life transforms with your solution.
The chance of being found increases and you might have a new client.

Case Study

A couple of months ago I did a test and case study on a website.
This is a health related website, a highly competitive branch on the internet.
The domain name is a couple of years old, which helps in ranking.
However there were no regular new articles on the website due to lack of time and inspiration from the owner.


After checking the website and the statistics I saw there were zero visitors over a period of more than 6 months.

Now I also have an interest in health, so I decided I could write some articles as a guest blogger.
After some research on trending topics I started writing articles.
Maybe not the best in the world but always factually correct.

I focused on publishing an article every 2 to 3 days.


After adding additional plugins to have better insights, like Yoast SEO plugin. I also added the sitemap to Google.
So Google would be informed whenever there was a new article published.


The first 4 to 5 articles didn´t bring in a lot of visitors but the number slowly increased.
It took about 4 to 5 weeks, publishing on a regular basis, to grow the number of visitors to around 70 per day.
After 8 weeks the average number of visitors grew to 150 per day.

To be honest, I didn´t expect the number to go up that fast within such a short time.

Starting week 9 I was working on new websites for clients and was unable to publish for several weeks.
So in the 3rd month the number of visitors dropped to 75 per day and is now growing again to 150 to 160 per day.

All organically!


So you see it makes sense to publish on a regular basis on trending topics in your field. Even with short articles. This article is around 590 words.
By the way, the experts are divided over the ideal length of an article. Just focus on a minimum length of 300 words.

Publishing on a regular basis will bring you new visitors and possible clients.

Whatever your field is, in Google you can most likely find what the trending topics in your field are. And if you´re a specialist, you should know.

Thanks for reading the whole article, let me know your thoughts about SEO and the ideal length of articles.

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