BitCoins in Satellites (ConnectX)

BitCoins in Satellites

When you are interested in innovation, cryptocurrencies and real world solutions, I invite you to signup for the webinar. I think you will like what you will see.
As a bonus for joining the webinar and staying through to the end you will receive ConnectX coins however that may not be the major reason to join.

Recently I watched the ConnectX webinar. ConnectX is a company/cryptocoin that has an idea of putting the blockchain and coin into satellites. Safely out of reach of hackers, governments, etc.
At first I was sceptical about this idea but the presentation and information given by Lance Parker was so clear and the plans look amazing.
Especially when he started talking about the target market – the international commodities market – with a yearly marketcap of around 15 trillion.
Currently the overhead costs for international commodities are about 50%. With the ConnectX solution targeting this market the overhead costs can drop to 1% and also cutting out lots of middleman.

Watch the video below to learn more and signup for the webinar with the button below the video.

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