Bitcoin Mining Project

Bitcoin Mining Project Update


On November 22nd, 2017 I started bitcoin mining with just a small investment to buy 260GH/s mining power. Starting with a daily profit of around BTC 0.000048. As a result I got to buy more mining power every couple of days.


The profit I made I invested in more mining power every 3 to 4 days. So I reinvested all earning in more power. And growing from 260GH/s to 660GH/s in 2 weeks with one additional cash investment seems like a good investment.
Now the daily profit is enough to purchase 10GH/s mining power every day.

More Power

With adding 10GH/s every day I calculated that by Dec 31st the revenue will be high enough to reinvest the profits into 20GH/s mining power every day. In dollars we are talking about $3 per day. Starting Jan 1st I will stop automatic reinvestment in Bitcoin Mining Power. Currently I am developing my follow-up strategy. Read more about this strategy in my next blogpost.

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