7 ways to get Free CryptoCurrency

7 ways to get Free CryptoCurrency

7 Ways to get Free CryptoCurrency

Are you into BitCoin and other CryptoCurrencies already?

Starting with CryptoCurrency is something for eveyone. You don´t need to invest a lot of money as there are ways to collect free CryptoCurrencies.

Instead of investing a lot of money into BitCoin and AltCoins you can claim free CryptoCurrencies. Read on to find out how you can get your free CryptoCurrencies like BitCoin, Ethereum and others.

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1. CryptoCurrency Airdrops

A​ ​cryptocurrency airdrop​ ​is​ ​when​ ​a​ ​blockchain project distribute​s free​ ​tokens or​ ​coins to​ ​the​ crypto ​community.

In many cases developers want there coins to become popular and widely used. On the one hand to support the following ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and on the other hand to increase the value rapidly by creating a large community of coin users.
To receive these Free Airdrop Coins you will have to perform some tasks to promote the new coin. In other words you share on your social media platforms to be eligible to receive the coins.

Now the challenge is to find out what Coins are Airdropped. I personally setup a Google alert for this but also registered with a website called Airdropalert.
Airdrop Alert is a free service for the cryptocurrency community.

Read more on Airdropalert.com

Interesting Airdrops:

2. BitCoin and Altcoin Mining

Another way to get free CryptoCurrency is to use your computer for mining BitCoins and AltCoins. CPU and GPU mining will work however the earnings will be low. You can invest in an ASIC based computer to earn some serious money. Remember these will take a lot of power and are very noisy.

Before you start mining there are a few prerequisites.

  1. You need a powerful computer
  2. you need a special videocard like NVidia
  3. your powercost have to be low
  4. You need a separate room to setup your mining computer as they are very noisy
  5. you need extra cooling or re-use the heat coming from the computer to heat your home
  6. you need a crypto wallet address for the coins you are going to mine

As the difficulty in mining is constantly increasing an alternative is cloud mining like hashflare

Currently there are a lot of cloud mining platforms. You do need to make an investment to start your cloud mining activity. The good thing is you can start with a small amount and reinvest your earnings to purchase more mining power.

3. Web Based BitCoin and Altcoin Mining

Web based BitCoin and AltCoin mining is a slow process but when you use your computer throughout your working day why wouldn´t you do mining as well.

It will slow down your computer and the earnings are low however it is still worth it.

4 platforms I personally use are

Click on the links to start your own free webbased BitCoin and AltCoin mining.

4. Play Games Online

Many people play games online nowadays. Why not play games that pay you Bitcoins or Altcoins.

Here are a few that pay.

There is a ton of gamesites that pay out bitcoin. Use your favourite search engine to find more.

5. Trading Bitcoins & Altcoins

Affiliating is another way to earn CryptoCurrencies.

Open an account at an exchange and refer your friends. Many exchanges reward you with a percentage of their first deposit. Remember in some cases you need to have a balance to be eligible for the reward.

Here is a list of recommended CryptoCurrency exchanges:

Trading CryptoCurrencies can always result in loss of your money, do your research before you start!

6. CryptoCurrency Hard Forks

When a hard fork is taking place you can receive the same amount of coins in the new CryptoCurrency as you currently have in your wallet. You do need the original coins in your wallet instead of having these in an exchange.

As an example the hard fork from Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash. Owners of Bitcoin received the same number of Bitcoin Cash after the hard fork. So if you had 2 Bitcoins in your wallet before the hard fork you would receive 2 Bitcoin Cash after the hard fork. Basically doubling your money in Cryptos. In Fiat money the value would depend on the exchange rate.

In either case it is interesting to look at Cryptos that are planning to go through a hard fork.

Google at your own risk to find out more about this.

7. BitCoin or AltCoin Leasing or Lending

Another way to earn extra CryptoCurrency is lending.
In this case you will have to own Bitcoins or Altcoins in an exchange that offers lending.

The average return on lending is around 20% – 40% per month. That is an amazing return on investment (ROI) on your BitCoins or AltCoins. Imagine you put in $1,000 and get a $10 return daily. One thing to consider is that your initial investment will be tied up for a number of days. The period can be up to 300 days. When that period expires you will receive back your initial investment. Also you do need to invest money to purchase Bitcoins or Altcoins.

No all CryptoCurrency exchanges offer this option.

Do your research and get informed before you start lending your CryptoCurrencies!

Note: Lending is not possible with every CryproCurrency and you do need to invest to purchase your initial BitCoins or AltCoins to start lending. Always do your research before you start with lending.

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