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Lead Generation



Every business needs qualified leads on a regular basis. Qualified leads that convert into long-term clients and ambassadors.

Whether itĀ“s your website, webshop, salesfunnel or social media account. With the right information you turn your presence into a lead magnet.

Every existing client and new leads need follow-up. Communication is key to turning leads into customers and customers into ambassadors for your business.

Automated or manual personalised communication with your prospects and clients are key to growing your business.

Where lead generation is inbound marketing process, focused on customers finding you online

Prospecting is the outbound marketing process, where you search and reachout for possible customers for your business, either by phone or email. Our focus is cold emailing.

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What People Are Saying?


GerhardĀ“s business orientation is no nonsense and dedicated; exceptional customer oriented and highly accessible. He listens carefully to the customer needs and translates them into solutions;

He leaves nothing to chance. Reliability and stick to his word are key and the communication related to the services to be provided is clear and sharp.

I know Gerhard from the Business Network International (BNI) meetings. We met each other weekly and I’ve learned to know Gerhard as a very dedicated, straight forward entrepreneur.

He always focusses on the goals, no matter what the obstacles are. Gerhard is also very creative in ways to explore his business and to help his clients to work faster and smarter.

I highly recommend Gerhard; he is a driven professional, energeticĀ and with a good sense of humour.

You can be sure to have his fullĀ attention.

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