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- September 1, 2016



Thanks for checking out my Upviral review!

This product was created by Wilco De Kreij. It is truly the best viral referral marketing system to date! It can quickly create a wave of attention to your product or website that is sure to expand it ten fold over time.

Why have company’s like Drop Box And Dollar Shave club all using a similar system..

Easy because it works and it works damn good! Upviral incentives your leads to share and keep on sharing your product, contest or wait list. Each lead brings in more leads which bring in more leads. It is awesome.

When you use Upviral you can laser target your leads and they will share to their friends as well. People that want your offer probably have friends with similar interests to them. When they share your offer on their social media wall hundreds or thousands of like minded people will be exposed to your offer for FREE. You are no longer asking strangers to look at your product, your getting leads to ask their friends FOR you.

Upviral Review verdict: It creates a viral loop!

Finally, you do not need a large budget to reach a large quantity of people. Your free give away, contest of special offer will attract leads for your business and they just keep on producing leads for you. It is truly a viral loop.

Using Upviral, you can create:

Give aways
Waiting lists
and MORE

It seamlessly works with your existing funnels. If you are using sites like Leadpages for example. There is no need to create a new lead page, just throw Upviral into the mix! You can even host your contest on the Upviral website.

When you create a contest or give away you get a special affiliate link made JUST for you. When people sign up they get their own link as well. Upviral will keep reminding them over and over to share your offer until the product they are after is unlocked.

Delivery of your give away is auto pilot! No need to contact customers who want their prize. They will be emailed automatically by the system and the offer will be delivered to them with a friendly message thanking them to share.

You can even custom create the email messages. Every message they get can be custom pre-made and the system delivers them on auto pilot!

Wilco De Kreij’s beta testers did a thorough Upviral Review:

Beta testers have had AMAZING results testing the Upviral software. They were able to explode their leads
right away. A new company gathered over 100,000 leads in just a week! It is really the most exciting product I have ever seen!

Upviral review of upsells and downsells:

The upsells and downsells of upviral are perfect. They are worth every cent and are not your typical money grab.

Upsell 1: Viral Hacking Masterclass
A 6 week program designed to teach you how viral marketing works. With this training you can explode your business like so many big company’s have done before. Only you do not need to spend thousands on a professional to help. YOU become the professional.

Upsell 2: ConnectAudience
How to re-target your audience based on how they behave in their email box. This is valuable information because instead of how they act on your site you can see how they act at home while checking e-mails. With a few simple adjustments you can blow up your email effectiveness! The more leads your email brings in the more leads the leads themselves bring in with this sweet viral loop we call Upviral!

I hope you enjoyed my Upviral review and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Comments (26)

  • If I get this can I use it stand alone or do I have to have a website?

    Sprevelink1991 - 26 months ago

  • Dollar shave club used something like this.. promising

    Amanpreet - 26 months ago

  • Looks powerful. Why is there no buy button? I want to see how much it costs.

    Maurice Palazzolo - 26 months ago

  • I have never heard of Upviral. Nice review. Will keep my eyes peeled on this one.

    Dorthy Pearsall - 26 months ago

  • Cellphone videos FTW! lol.

    Leandro Ginn - 26 months ago

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