I know, 26 weeks is a long period to commit to so we developed the shorter 12 week program

Perfectly understandable if you can´t commit to this 26 weeks program.

How are you planning to improve your results? Are you going to watch more Youtube videos and try to figure it all out for yourself. Wasting your advertising dollars.

We want to help you get a quick understanding of your facebook ad metrics.

In our 12 week Facebook Ad Metrics Mentoring Program you won´t get the same results and understanding of the metrics and strategies. However it is a good start to build your skills and improve your results.

Are you ready to start your 12 week program?

Because Facebook Ad Metrics Mentoring is new, it’s available at a discounted rate for a limited time.

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PS. There are only 5 seats available per month for this extended program!

Early Bird 12 Week Facebook Ad Metrics Mentoring Program

Facebook Ad Metrics Mentoring Program - you´ll get personal 1-on-1 sessions during 12 weeks, 2 hours per week.
We will go through the metrics of your ad account so you get a better understanding of your metrics.

This is not just another course where you have to figure out how to understand the numbers in your ad account.

  • 12 Weeks, 2 hour per week 1-on-1 coaching analyzing your ads and metrics
  • The recordings of your personal sessions for later review
  • Your personal questions answered
  • Strategies to improve your targeting
  • Strategies to improve your ads
  • To understand how to interpret your ad manager metrics
  • To master the skills for the future

Regular price for this program is $4,997

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